The Origins of Shui Shui for Women

The Origins of Shui Shui for Women

To My Students and Friends.                         

This month’s newsletter was supposed to be about the Venerable Master Hsuan-Hua at the Ten Thousand Buddhist Temple. Now that will be in the  October newsletter.

The first part of this Newsletter is about women’s Shih Shui as most women who learn to pick up weights are only doing an important but small part of the training  but is not complete.

Many students have asked me about  Elder Gong Ga  who taught the Me-Tsun religion in Taiwan and “Duel Cultivation” This newsletter talks about her life and Grandmaster Chiao experience with her also about him wanting me to train with her.

There are a few who claim they learn Duel Cultivation & Taoist Lovemaking but have only grab bits and pieces from mine or other books,  with their marketing techniques they are convincing & cheating their followers all over the world who believe them. Duel Cultivation is much more than just sitting with a partner on your lap.

I hope you enjoy reading my newsletters.

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Sifu McNeil 

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