Taoist Thailand – Class

To all our Subscribers, Facebook friends and kung fu brothers.

My/our teacher Master James W. McNeil is going to retire soon. He is having his last Taoist Lovemaking Class in Thailand. It is a one on one training and trust me you will truly learn more about yourself and how to strengthen your body and truly make you a better lover. Going through his training you will truly learn how to bring more pleasure to the significant other in your life.  If you’re interested check his text him on his email address. Siful9h@gmail.com or his website www.littlenineheaven.com  .

You may also learn Shih Shui if you do want Taoist Lovemaking.

He is also giving a two day seminar  two hours a night with clothes on at the Infinity Foundation  in Highland Park on November 3rd & 4th Thank you  Phone # 847-831-8828

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