About Us

Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System (L9H) the oldest Taoist Kung Fu system known today  the 31st generation Grandmaster Liu Miao Yuan gave Master Chiao Chang-Hung the title of gate keeper of L9H then in 1949 he went to Taiwan. Master Chiao Chang Hung  recognized the  need to teach people who wanted to learn how to use the medicine within their own body to heal themselves and be happier, healthier & stronger.  The techniques that he taught helped make many men and women bodies healthier and stronger than ever before. Furthermore, he taught them how to maximize the strongest form of energy in the human body. He became a legion in Taiwan with all his powerful skills and knowledge.

We know, the stress men and women go through every day and it can and will put stress on their families, and themselves sexually, physically, and emotionally. It can also affect their job performance. With our experience and knowledge and the services we offer, we can help them and their families be happier and healthier.

In 1984 James W. McNeil joined Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung  and became his first American student he trained hard then in 1999 Grandmaster Chiao gave James W. McNeil the title of Gate Keeper of Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System. So he could pass on his teachings  throughout the world to help men and women use the medicine within their bodies also learned the internal arts of kung fu (L9H). In 2015 the Chinese government sent Master McNeil to China and recognized him as the authentic master of Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system and all its teachings.

The Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System teaches men and women different trainings Hypnosis, Chi Kung & Nei Kung, Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, Psychic Healing, Acupressure massage, Taoist Lovemaking, Hsing-I, Ba-Kua and Splashing Hands and Meditation.