Master Hsu


Born in Taipei, Taiwan, in a family of six brothers, Hsu Hong-Chi was a devoted and respectful son. At the young age of six he was taken to a buddhist monk to have his future told. He was informed that he would one day be a leader of a large association and would be respected throughout the world.

In school he participated in different types of sports such as swimming, soccer and judo. His father started him in shaolin kung-fu at an early age. He also learned boxing and became a good street fighter. After many years of shaolin kung-fu, Hsu Hong-Chi learned the effectiveness of Hsing-I and started to learn under Master Hong-I Hsung. His father wanted him to attend college but he wanted to learn Taoist techniques and Hsing-I kung-fu instead. His father was disappointed. After many years of training he finally asked his teacher if he could open his own Hsing-I kung-fu school.

He opened his first God Dragon Hsing-I school in May 1966. By 1970 he was teaching at five universities. In 1972 he was given a special pass to the Shou Lin Kou air station. Soon three more military classes began at C.C.K. air base, M.A.A.G. compound and the navy compound. He started his own association and soon it spread to many countries.

Master Hsu was the head of his association. He was also a special advisor to many other groups like the Bok Mei Kung-fu Association of Hong Kong, Japan Karate Federation, and referee of the Taipei Athletic Association.