Master McNeil has taught many students from all over the world. Listed on this page
are just a few of the graduates that teach. You are more than welcome to contact them.
If your an alumni then why not visit them and say hello.

United States

James Doty
Location: Arizona
Teaching: Began learning from Lao Tzu McNeil in 1980. Offering private and semi-private lessons in a well set up home studio or your location by arrangement. Instruction includes; Hsing-i, Bagua, Chen Tai Chi, Splashing Hands, Tzu Men Chuan, Iron Hand, Shih Shui Kung, Chi Kung.

Sifu Adam Sharp
Location: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA
Phone: 484-604-9442
Teaching: Small groups Chen Tai Chi

Master Carl Kao

Tony Pinkovsky
Location: Ohio
Phone: (947) 429-4971
Teaching: Private instruction in Hsing-I

Mike Foster
Location: 207 Russell Street Rayville, La 7126 9, Louisiana
Teaching: I offer private training is hsing, meditation and splashing hands

Cor Bader
Location: Spokane Valley, Washington
Teaching: Chen Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Splashing Hands


Landon Moes
Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 668-2288
Teaching: Hsing-I, Splashing Hands, Qi-gong, Chen Tai-Chi, and private lessons

United Kingdom

Andrew Jackson
Teaching: Hsing-I, Chen Tai Chi and Splashing Hands

Chris Lomas
Location: Manchester
Teaching: Chen Tai Chi, Hsing I and Splashing hands


Slavo Gozdzik, Police Officer and instructor of Defensive/Arresting tactics in Swedish Police Force.
Chief Instructor IPDTA
Location address: IPDTA, Box 119, 451 16 Uddevalla, Sweden
Teaching: Splashing Hands, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yang Lu Chan taiji,
Iron Hand, ESDS tactics & unarmed/armed combat for Police/Law
Enforcement Officers.
Runs International Police Defensive Tactics Association /IPDTA / and
ICS Scandinavian Training Center.
Phone: +46 /0/ 70 682 32 10

Jonas Ridell, bouncer, Chief
Location: Scandinavia
Instructor IPDTA
Phone: +46 /0/ 70 566 67 65
Teaching: Hsing I, Splashing Hands, Qi Gong, Meditation, Acupressure massage, ESDS tactics & unarmed/armed combat for Police/Law Enforcement Officers. Only private training

Pierre Larsson
Phone: +46 /0/ 224 104 51
Address: Målargränd 39, 733 36 Sala, Sweden.
Email: alkemist4@bellsouth.netTeaching 
Teaching: Qi Gong, Meditation, Splashing Hands, Ninjutsu, Chen Tai-Chi Chi-Kung Med, ESDS tactics & unarmed/armed combat,
Runs his own school.