sifumcneil2James W. McNeil was born in St Louis, Mo., where he lived with his brothers and grandparents. He moved to California in 1954 and went to Virgil Jr. High School and Belmont High School, which was close to Los Angeles’ famed Chinatown District. McNeil found comfort and enjoyment in spending many hours in Chinatown, although at the time he did not know why. His brother, Frank, belonged to a Haumea Lefiti kung-fu school and often asked him to go. But for almost two years he felt it was not something he needed. In 1966, he finally went to his brother’s martial arts school and was amazed at what he saw.

Since that day Master James W. McNeil has for over thirty years been learning, living and teaching the inner mysteries and secrets of the traditional, internal kung-fu arts. In the course of history such knowledge was normally reserved for the elite few within the closed circles of the oriental Taoist societies. Until McNeil came on the scene it was unheard of for any outsider, let alone a white American, to be accepted as a student by the great martial art Masters of China and Taiwan. McNeil has had the rare privilege to study with such greats as Master Hsu Hong-Chi, ‘The Man With the Magic Hands’ (Hsing-I & healing arts, Taoist sexual techniques), Sifu Chi Chen-Yen (Tzu Men-Chuan -the rare and deadly art of ‘Poison Fingers’), Hsu Ting-Ming (Chinese psychic healing), Master Pan Wing-Chow (original Chen style Tai-Chi) and perhaps the greatest of them all, the living legend, Master Chiao Chang-Hung (Little Nine Heaven Kung-fu, Shih-Shui, Pa-Kua, advanced Taoist sexual techniques and mediation).

James McNeil would go to Taiwan every year where Master Hsu would teach him personally in the internal healing arts, but most of all he taught Jim for four long and intense years of personal training in Taoist Lovemaking also known as the Taoist sexual techniques. As Jim continued practicing and training hard Master Hsu handed down to him the next generation of Taoist sexual techniques. This is only handed down from Master to Student and one per generation. After Master Hsu unexpected death in 1983 Jim was accepted as the first and only American student of the Honorable Master Chiao Chang-Hung.

The late Honorable Master Chiao is known as an living legend in martial arts for his remarkable skills and abilities and foresight. Master James McNeil was taught in the Oldest Taoist system known today as Little Nine Heaven Kung-fu, along with Pa-Kua, and advanced Taoist sexual energy circulation for health,
longevity and mediation.

An important aspect of the internal arts is the cultivation and manipulation of sexual energy for health, longevity and of course extraordinary pleasure. Since 1985 McNeil has been sharing his wealth of knowledge on this subject with groups of people all over North America and Europe helping them to achieve superior sexual fulfillment and to treat sexual dysfunctions with simple, natural methods.

McNeil and his work have been featured in articles and covers of magazines such as Inside Kung-Fu, Inside Karate, Masters & Styles, Chi Master, Black Belt, Empty Vessel, Martial Arts Masters, Internal Arts and Orange Coast Magazine, to mention a few in addition to many local magazines, newspaper articles and foreign publications in England, Sweden, Poland and Italy. He has appeared as guest speaker for the American Institute of Hypnotherapy conventions, World Research Foundation and Long Beach State University. McNeil has also taught at South Baylo College of Oriental Medicine, and John
Bastyr Naturopathic College. He has appeared several times on television in the United States and Taiwan and has produced 23 videos and two books about martial arts and sexual techniques. His informal and entertaining style is always well received and he has a knack for making almost anyone feel comfortable in an awkward situation. The multitude of letters of gratitude and the great respect accorded him by his students attest to his skill and popularity as a teacher.

James McNeil is the director and founder of the Little Nine Heaven Internal Kung-Fu Retreat Center where martial arts training, Shih-Shui, Meditation and Taoist Love Making is conducted in the spirit of the ancient Taoist temples. Students have traveled from every American state, Canada, Russia, China, Poland, Greece, Japan, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, England, Sweden, South Africa and many other countries to come and learn from him. It is the only training center of its kind in the Western world.

The following is a list of James W. McNeil’s internal martial arts education:

1966 – 1973
Studied under Master Haumea (Tiny) Lefiti. Obtained the highest degree Black Belt given at that time for Splashing Hands fighting techniques.  
1973 – 1977
Studied under Sifu Ralph Shun learning southern style Shaolin Five Animals, Wing Chun, Iron Hand and weapons. Obtained the rank of Master Instructor in June, 1976  
1977 – 1984
Studied under Master Hsu Hong-Chi in Taipei, Taiwan. Received extensive training in the arts of Chi-Kung and Hsing-I. Was also taught Tui-Na, Acupressure massage, Taoist sexual techniques and meditation. Obtained a 4th degree Black belt in Hsing-I in 1983.  
1984 – 1987
Studied under Sifu Chin Chen-Yen in Taipei, Taiwan. Trained in Tzu Men-Chuan system (Poison Fingers) and advanced training in Iron Hand.  
1983 – 1996
Studied under Master Pan Wing-Chow, Taipei, Taiwan, since 1983. Trained in Chen style Tai-Chi.  
1983 – 2001
Master Chiao Chang-Hung, Taipei, Taiwan. Receiving advanced training in Little Nine Heaven Kung-Fu consisting of fighting, sword and Shih-Shui Kung.  
  Taught Pa-Kua and advanced Hsing-I. Further training in Taoist Sexual techniques and high levels of Chi-Kung and Nei-Kung therapy, along with advanced Meditation.  

James McNeil has obtained the following degrees in clinical hypnotherapy:

  Bachelor of Clinical Hypnotherapy – American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1988  
  Bachelor of Science Hypnotherapy – American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1989  
  Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy – American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1990  


Studied under Master Pan Wing-Chow, Taipei, Taiwan, since 1983. Trained in Chen style Tai-Chi.