Shih Shui

Shih Shui Kung also known as Iron Shirt

Iron Shirt, Bone Marrow Washing, Iron Crotch, Iron Body, Genital Weight Lifting, it has been called many names. But the real name is Shih Shui Kung which means Bone Marrow Washing. This is the strongest chi kung and nei kung training there is. Almost everyone who teaches it today has learned it from my teacher, Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung or one of his students, or one of his students student, or from his Chinese book. The sad thing is most of them are teaching it wrong. There are only two people qualified to teach this magnificent training in the United States today, and that is Master Karl Kao from Tampa, Florida and Master James McNeil from Orange County, California.

What is Shih-Shui?

Shih-Shui (pronounced she-sway), also known as ‘Bone Marrow Washing’ is a component of the ancient Taoist Little Nine Heaven system which originated in China almost 2000 years ago. Shih- Shui is an advanced form of chi-kung/nei-kung that focuses on strengthening the internal body and increasing sexual energy with a goal to optimize and preserve the health of the body, mind and spirit. It consists primarily of a series of special breathing and strengthening exercises along with specific energy circulation techniques. Shih-Shui can be practiced alongside and will enhance any other discipline. Any adult man or woman can learn and gain the benefits of Shih-Shui.


Where does Shih-Shui come from?

The origins of Shih-Shui (pronounced she-sway) can be traced back to the time of Huang-Ti the Yellow Emperor of China (2698 BC). Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao Kung Fu, originally passed down to only one Taoist priest per generation, has recently been introduced to the outside world. Honorable Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung, is the 33rd generation teacher of this little known martial arts system, which is the oldest Taoist system known today. It consists of three skills: ju kung (nine chamber fist), chiankuan jen (swordmanship); and Shih Shui (bone marrow washing). In skill, it is based on the Tao’s practice of the balancing between yin and yang to relax the tendons and bones, and to perform marrow washing. It is actually an exclusive literature and a rich inheritance passed down through the centuries by word of mouth.

The lineage of the Little Nine Heaven system, which includes Shih-Shui, was handed down from generation to generation until it reached the Taoist priest Lushan Daoren. In the early 1800’s Lushan Daoren established a new Little Nine Heaven temple on Yi Wu Lu Mountain in northeastern China. He was believed to have been over 150 years of age. Young Chiao would often visit a Taoist temple located on the family property in Northeastern China. With his grandfather’s permission, Chiao entered the monastery at the age of 17 to study the Hsiao Chiu-Tien (Little Nine Heaven) system. In the early 1900’s Lushan Daoren taught the system to Chiao Chang-Hung. Years later with the Communist take-over of the Mainland China he immigrated to Taiwan and started teaching Hsing-I, Pa-Kua and Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao. The Honorable Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung became a living legend in the martial art world of today for his many incredible skills. James McNeil is Grandmaster Chiao’s only American student. In 1984 he received the highest honor any man could receive, that was the Little Nine Heaven sword, which signified James McNeil is an official Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao indoor student of Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung.

What are the Health Benefits of Practicing Shih-Shui?

Shih-Shui promotes feelings of youthfulness and clearer sharper thinking. A robust immune system, strong bones and supple ligaments are among the results of regular practice Shih-Shui will build up the Testosterone level, prevent premature ejaculation, build up the immune system, purify the bone marrow, increase bone density, and strengthen the prostate gland to prevent problems with that organ which have become such a major concern for men’s health in the past few years. For a man, it will increase the blood supply to your penis which will keep the erection stronger even well into his senior years. Shih-Shui can provide these and many more benefits that address a variety of health issues that have a direct correlation to aging and diseases associated with aging.

For a woman, these same exercises will strengthen and tighten the vaginal muscles which can greatly enhance her sexual pleasure. It will also have the effect of putting energy into the ovaries and vagina, making her arousal and orgasm easier to achieve. Shih Shui can also help woman build up the Estrogen level in their bodies, and will increase bone density. This training can prevent vagina prolapse the condition in which pelvic organs such as uterus, small bowel, bladder, urethra and sometimes the vagina wall itself begins to protrude through the vagina. Often, with traditional medicine, major surgical procedures such as hysterectomy are required to alleviate these serious conditions. Yet through the practice of Shih-Shui many women may find that these radical treatments can be eliminated.

Why is Shih-Shui so Effective?

We go to various health clubs to tone our external bodies so we can look good, but seldom do we give a thought about toning our internal organs. Bodybuilders both men and women strengthen every part of their bodies accept the most important muscle/organ the one they have the most fun with, the one that is most useful, the muscle/organ that is keeping us healthy, happy and strong and that is their sexual organ. Why? The Shih Shui exercise is the most powerful exercise there is that does this and more and is very simple to do, if taught correctly. Most importantly, it is natural with no side effects.
Shih-Shui works directly on areas of the body that are often neglected or ignored completely. Shih-Shui is a holistic discipline that can help the practitioner to attain elevated functioning and harmony of the body and mind. Benefits are usually felt within the first two-weeks of training.

The complex Shih Shui Kung practice consists of 3 sets of practices and 12 supplemental art techniques. Generally, Taoist Chi Kung is firstly practiced to generate body chemicals containing “vital energy” (mainly the hormonal substances, or chi) and consciously improves the circulation of vital energy to all parts of the body. The conscious flow of the vital energy sharpens the glandular and nervous systems and stimulates the various pressure points of the body, resulting in an improved metabolism and rejuvenated body. The next stage of Shih Shui Kung involves achieving an intense strengthening of the brain and mental capacity. By this stage, the practitioner would have a good command of his physical well-being and clear mental awareness. The final stage is spiritual enlightenment, which is normally of little interest to the average practitioner.

What Equipment do I Need to Practice Shih-Shui?

The required equipment which is provided by your instructor and is part of the training fee will include: Shih Shui traditional items such as a Stainless Steel Beater, Silk Cloth, Weight Hanger, beginners weights and a Jade Egg (for women).

How Long Does it Take to Learn?

Shih-Shui is always taught on a personal and private basis so that instruction can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual thereby maximizing it’s potential benefits. The Shih-Shui training will start with 3 to 4 weeks of daily sessions with your teacher. A total initial commitment of 100 consecutive days of training will be required after which this vital program should be integrated as a regular aspect of one’s health and fitness routine.

The advantages of Shih Shui Kung.

Practice is that it is easy to learn, the effects are easily observed, and the practice has no adverse effects. The training process is therefore easy and safe, even if undertaken alone. Purist Taoist practices, however, require long periods of training in seclusion before the results can be seen.

A student of Shih Shui strives to unite his physical and chi or spiritual bodies as one. The system of Shih Shui consists of three levels: Transfer of the ching (sperm) to the chi; transfer of the chi to the shen (spirit); and cultivate the shen to return to the stage of shu (emptiness). By cultivating this chi into a higher form, one will be in harmony with nature and the universe.

How is this training done?

For men this program involves chi kung exercises to straighten the man’s internal organs. He then learns a few massages exercises involving the scrotum and the application of swinging weights that are tightened to the connecting base of the scrotum: the total weight is gradually increased over time. Testicle exercises are an important part of the Shih-Shui training. Among the traditional Chinese arts of fitness, this is the best exercise with direct and quick results for those who are in search of the secret life longevity and also for those who seek to develop greater internal capability.

For Women this program involves chi kung exercises to straighten the females internal organs. She then learns a few massages exercises involving the breast, ovaries, vagina area, and the application of swinging weights by an stone egg with a string attached holding a weight it is inserted inside the vagina: the total weight is gradually increased over time. Vaginal exercises are an important part of the Shih-Shui training. Among the traditional Chinese arts of fitness, this is the best exercise with direct and quick results for those who are in search of the secret life longevity and also for those who seek to develop greater internal capability.

Artificial Means Of Today World

Recently, pharmaceutical drugs have become a staple of our society. It is a Western tradition to treat, rather than prevent illness by using chemicals and external sources. Yet, we hold the power within to heal ourselves. Many government-approved drugs have been exposed for causing horrible side effects and numerous pharmaceuticals have been recalled, at the expense of innocent people. Such drugs include medications for depression, weight-loss, arthritis, and heart conditions.

While a drug may alleviate one problem, it may be causing another more serious problem. For instance, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been known to cause diabetes, organ failure, and kidney and liver problems. Drugs used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can create dependency and some men develop intolerance or simply cease to respond to it. For many there are even more serious side effects associated with taking such drugs. Artificial means of support ultimately only weaken the body and if taken over a long period of time may eventually cause the very problem they were intended to fix.

How many men constantly wake up in the middle of the night to urinate? How many are diagnosed with prostate cancer? How many people have high blood pressure, stress, and chronic fatigue? How many men/woman are aging before their time? The answer is too many, and there is no excuse for it