Chi and Chi-Kung

Chi and Chi-Kung

We all possess an energy life force known as “Chi” and the power to harness this energy for healing. In our retreat you will discover how to utilize this medicine within your body by using your Chi, your mind, your sexual energy, and some muscles. Through easy to understand teachings, you will learn to create balance within yourself and with your surroundings. When the internal and external elements of the body work in harmony, the balance of yin and yang is complete. People of all ages and fitness levels can effectively perform these simple exercises. Instructions are presented with clear visual aides for all to enjoy. Daily practice cultivates chi, improves mental and physical health, nurtures creativity, and elevates spirit.

There is no medicine in the world that can surpass the body’s natural ability to heal itself. If one practices the exercise techniques offered to us by the Taoists of long ago, he/she will gain more self-confidence and feel healthier, happier, and stronger than ever before.

I have been teaching and practicing the exercises that will be taught for over twenty-seven years. I do not remember the last time I was severely ill and I have witnessed many students, young and old, overcome illnesses through dedication and attention to their practice. Each individual’s journey is different. Release yourself from the burden of external limitations, time-lines, and artificial results.


It is said that through strife we find harmony and through adversity we find strength. I truly believe that the tragic death of my son, led me to find a path of healing. This journey toward health and longevity became increasingly important to me, as I lost many loved ones along the way. I watched helplessly for over two years as my grandfather suffered from, and ultimately succumbed to cancer. I then lost my father, who died in the hospital from cancer. One of the most painful experiences was the death of my beloved brother, who died of complications from AIDS. I remember when he called me asking if I could help him. I explained a very simple, yet comprehensive program that included a system called Shih-Shui (bone-marrow washing) and other Chi Kung and healing exercises, designed to help him combat the disease. There was no reason for him to continuously get weaker and weaker, when the means to strengthen his body was inside of him.. I explained that it would take about one hour a day. Surprisingly my brother said that he would think about it, because it was so time consuming. I could not understand his way of thinking; and remember asking him “do you want to be sickly and probably die at 32; or would you rather live a healthy, and robust life well into old age? A week later I called him, at which point he informed me that the exercises took too long, so he did not want to learn the systems. He died six months later. After seeing my relatives and friends lying in bed sick, depressed, and helpless, I swore that I would never be that way. I vowed to practice what my teachers taught me faithfully and to use the medicine within my own body to keep healthy, strong, and free from disease.

Moreover, I made up my mind that I would try to help as many people as I could, by teaching others how to access the medicine within our own bodies. We all possess this internal medicine, so why not use it? Everyone wants to live a healthier, happier, and longer life without illness. Many people go to health clubs to exercise the external parts of their bodies in order to look good, but they often forget about the internal parts of their bodies, which ultimately govern our health and appearance.

Recently, pharmaceutical drugs have become a staple of our society. It is a Western tradition to treat, rather than prevent, illness by using chemicals and external sources. Yet, we hold the power within to heal ourselves. Many government-approved drugs have been exposed for causing horrible side effects, and numerous pharmaceuticals have been recalled, at the expense of innocent people. Such drugs include medications for depression, weight-loss, arthritis, and heart conditions. While a drug may alleviate one problem, it may be causing another more serious problem. For instance, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been known to cause diabetes, organ failure, and kidney and liver problems. Drugs used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can create dependency and some men develop intolerance or simply cease to respond to it. For many there are even more serious side effects associated with taking such drugs. Artificial means of support ultimately only weaken the body and if taken over a long period of time may eventually cause the very problem they were intended to fix.

How many women and men constantly wake up in the middle of the night to urinate? How many are diagnosed with prostrate cancer or breast cancer? How many people have high blood pressure, stress, and chronic fatigue? How many men and women are aging before their time? The answer is too many, and there is no excuse for it.

The ancient medicinal exercises we teach are for strengthening and healing the inner body. These exercises, when practiced daily, will stimulate and cleanse the meridians and help to remove any obstructions that may hinder the flow of chi within the body. With continual practice not only will your chi be balanced and free flowing, but the meridians and your related organs will be in harmony. This in turn leads you to have a long and healthy life.

What is Chi?

Chi is the energy that flows through the human body. It is the vitality or “life force” that keeps us alive. In an effort to find some pragmatic explanation for this phenomenon and after centuries of observation and practice, the ancient Taoist masters found ways to measure and manipulate chi. They found that by stimulating one part of the body with pressure, heat, cold or the insertion of needles, another seemingly unrelated part of the body could be significantly affected.Various exercises were then developed which could affect the quantity and intensity of chi. Further it was observed that chi traveled along specific, consistent pathways through the different body parts and internal organs. Entire systems of these pathways called meridians, which govern the flow of chi, were mapped out in great detail. These are fundamental to the now highly sophisticated healing arts of acupuncture and acupressure from which many people gain great benefit today. Despite many attempts by Western scientists to rationalize these observations, the flow of chi through these meridians bears no relationship to the human nervous or circulatory systems.

Chi, then, is used to describe the energy that holds our organs in place, regulates our body temperature, and generally serves to maintain most of our bodily functions. Scientists know it exists because they can interrupt, enhance, or change its flow. Many say chi can be compared to the concept of electricity, which is almost impossible to properly describe. Nevertheless, scientists can clearly show that electricity exists because it can cause extreme consequences when touched. It can be measured. It can run electric motors. It can have high or low voltage. It can be magnified by certain actions and it can be impeded. As with electricity, chi is mostly described by its properties or consequences. Chi continues to defy attempts to dissect it in laboratories and to physically see it. It just is. This is a simple matter of fact for the Taoist, but can be maddening to the Western intellect.

Health Benefits of Chi Kung Exercises

Of all the things that make up our experience in life, an abundance of chi, and/or sexual chi, is the secret ingredient which gives us that sparkle in our eyes, bounce in our step, and quite simply makes us feel good and glad to be alive! When we have an abundance of chi we feel healthy and strong and can more easily take a positive, creative attitude toward life’s challenges, having a lot of fun along the way. Chi is the subtle, intangible life force that keeps us feeling and looking young. This chi however, has a tendency to diminish as the ravages of life and aging take their toll; leaving us feeling weak, tired, and ‘old’. So naturally we want to nurture, preserve, and cultivate this precious energy in every way we can.By following the health and longevity exercises, as done for centuries by the Taoists for their effectiveness, you will soon get the chi bubbling energetically through your meridians. I cannot stress enough that according to Taoist thought, there are ‘medicines’ within us that can be extracted to heal and to extend life. The internal secretions of both the male and female are regarded as valuable, vital elements of life. It is desirable not to discharge these substances but to retain them for the upkeep of the body. By practicing and perfecting the exercises that we will teach you, the life essence of the body contained within the sexual hormones will be cultivated, preserved, and retained by the body for its own rejuvenation. In this manner, many of the discomforts and diseases commonly associated with old age will be delayed or avoided altogether without the uncertainty and possible side effects of drugs. After a sustained period of practice, this vital energy is mobilized and strengthened. The conscious flow of this vital energy will sharpen the glandular and nervous systems, stimulate the various pressure points of the body, and improve metabolism to rejuvenate the body. In the next stage an intense strengthening of the brain and mental capacity is achieved. By this stage you will have a good command of your physical well being with a clear mental awareness. Continued training will further increase mental awareness and can lead to spiritual enlightenment for those who practice proper Chi-Kung exercises.