Ten Thousand Buddhist Temple – October Newsletter

Ten Thousand Buddhist Temple – October Newsletter

I hope you all will enjoy our newsletter. This one is about the Highest Buddhist Priest of his time Supreme Grandmaster  Hsuan Hua and our experience and teaching him at his temple “Ten Thousand Buddhist Temple”

Will also talk about our fantastic yearly event the Little Nine Heaven Gathering this time was in Spain.

My upcoming event in November in Highland Park Illinois at the Infinity Foundation is on Taoist Lovemaking  this will be a two day 4 hour seminar on Taoist  lovemaking with no nudity to help men and women understand the full value of health, longevity and lovemaking.

In January 2018 I will be teaching in Thailand again on Taoist Lovemaking and the value of feeling and satisfying your love one. This ten day one on one private teaching has help many men learn the true value of satisfying their love ones and has been a great success in the past. In January I am only taking three students. If interested please sign up quickly as it will fill quickly.

This will most likely be my last year of Teaching as I am going to retire soon.  I cannot express my love to all my student for their loyalty and respect for me and the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system and for my masters.

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Sifu McNeil

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