China Trip Part 3 of 3 – January Newsletter

To my students and friends,

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has donated to Little Nine Heaven Inc. in 2018 and their trust in the future growth of L9H for years to come.  THANK YOU AGAIN.

I will be taking a break from teaching in order to focus on my own training. As I get older, I’ve continually grown stronger through practicing my kung fu, shih shui, and meditation. I will be training more and teaching and traveling less. I will not be answering my phone if you need to contact me please leave message on my phone or via my email address I will be answering these messages once a week. Thank you.

We have made Grandmaster Chiao Chang Hung dream come true as he and L9H is now spread throughout the world and also back in China and fully respected L9H will continue to grow there also. We have 5 students who are working very hard to promote this great system.  Thank you.

The last L9H newsletter can be downloaded here:


Sifu McNeil,

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