Great Timer App for Standing Meditation

Great Timer App for Standing Meditation

Standing meditation can help build chi and increase feeling in the hands. A proper timer app makes this method of meditation easy leaving no excuse!

The clock/time app that iOS comes with is a bit limited. I wanted a better timer app for standing meditation. 

With standing meditation, I am doing the 3 main poses and starting out at 5 minutes each.   However, after 5 minutes I do not want to have to overtly move and disrupt the meditation by having to hit repeat on my iPhone app timer each time I change positions.  It’s much nicer to just slowly move into the next position.

Well, I found the perfect app called Timer+ and I thought I would share as you may also find it helpful.

Timer+ screenshot for standing meditation

You can edit the app to automatically repeat when the countdown is complete.  Even better you can specific how many times you want to repeat.

There is one other additional setting where you can make it so the alarm only alerts once.  Otherwise you would still need to click ok on the app to make the beeping stop.

You can then name the custom timer you have setup.

Timer+ screenshot for standing meditation.  Repeats 3 times and beeps once for each time.

A very handy app indeed!  I find myself doing the standing meditation much more due to the convenience.

The regular built-in iPhone app doesn’t have an automatic repeater.   So this app is definitely a bit handier for the standing meditation.  The app can be found here.

And it looks like Android has a similar one here.

Teachings of Standing meditation can be found in the 39 minute mark of the 8 section brocade video:

And on page 120 of Medicine within our Bodies: 

-Cor Bader
L9H Admin / Student

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