My Journey Part 3 – October Newsletter

My Journey Part 3 – October Newsletter


To My Students and Friends, 

Next month newsletter will show pictures of the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao ceremony of our four new students at the Yi Wu Lu mountain in China where Grandmaster Chiao Chang Hung trained and lived. This Ceremony is the beginning of  Little Nine Heaven Wi Tao returning home.

We will show other beautiful Taoist Temples in the North and the South. 

This is the beginning of Grandmaster Chiao Chang Hung returning home in spirit.

Download the October newsletter here -> October_2018





Sifu McNeil

—In case you missed it!—-

The below email went out on Sunday 09/30.  Please make sure you are subscribed the L9H email list to receive the promotion this Friday.  You can subscribe by going to the main site and entering your email on the right hand side of the page.

We are moving all the DVD’s to digital online access only via a new membership site.
If you have purchased any of the DVD’s or ebooks in the past you will be receiving new credentials to also access the video’s so you may watch them on your computer or tablet.
 *The only exception will be the Lovemaking DVD’s due to the explicit content.
I will be adding everyone that has purchased a DVD or ebook to the site over the next couple of days.
You will receive a email from ‘’ with your credentials sometime between now and the next few days.

The Other Really Big News:

If you have been following L9H for a while you know that there are never any discounts or promotions.

Well, this Friday 10/05 we will be sending out a one time offer for a limited time to everyone on this list for access to every digital product on the membership site.  Yes, it will be heavily discounted.

We are calling it the L9H Master Collection.  Please stay tuned for more information on this offer!

-Cor Bader

L9H Site Admin

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