Introducing Senior Student Jim Doty’s New Site

Hi folks, senior student Jim Doty has been working on a new site with new material that compliments the main L9H site.  Please see Jim’s message below and browse the new site!


Brother and Sister students, realized and potential, it is with the kind permission of Lao Tzu McNeil that I add this personal note and announce the offer of assistance at my website My site is a hybrid static website/blog/Kung Fu tutorial which is mostly about my history with Master McNeil and the things that I have learned over the decades about the complex, difficult and brutally simple art of Kung Fu, and fighting in general. Written as an autobiography, the material is a large dose of what will be in a full-length book that I am working on now.

jim doty and Master McNeil

Those of you who don’t know me, I am one of Lao Tzu McNeil’s senior students and I only know of two guys still practicing or in contact with Lao Tzu that are my senior brothers; Al Lam and Joji Hollands. I started in 1980 with Lao Tzu McNeil and have been with him ever since and will be forever onward; I literally owe him and Kung Fu my life. Throughout the Eighties and early Nineties, I went out of my way to test myself and our system of fighting both in competition and on the street and learn as much as I could about the tactics of surviving real conflict; some of my adventures are chronicled in the pages of my website as well as my experiences learning from Lao Tzu and my interactions with his teachers.

I also delve into my own background to a certain extent: some things I don’t dare tell…yet. I have done exhaustive research and development combining elements of all our different styles into unique methods of fighting that I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else; for example, Splashing Hands and Hsiao Chui Tien combine very naturally and greatly complement each other and I offer different ways to take advantage of my depth of knowledge via online tutorials, manuals and videos. I hope everyone can find a way to utilize this tool in their own practice and I invite you all to read what I have so far, to keep checking back regularly as I continue to add content, including pictures as I dig them up and scan them and very soon I will implement my online training programs. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Jim Doty

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