April Newsletter – I Love You

April Newsletter – I Love You

To My Students and Friends                      

I hope all of you are in good health and doing well. We are facing rough times and if we all think of others as well as ourselves we will overcome this Corona19 virus. Throughout history we have overcome many disasters and we will defeat this one. 

I wrote this newsletter in hopes it will help people understand the value of being together and think of each other feeling through these rough times and show some love.  Yes losing a love one is not easy but remembering the good time you had together with them and the love knowing they are not suffering anymore.

If you enjoyed this newsletter please pass it on to your friends and whoever you feel will benefit from reading it. Thank you


James McNeil

Sifu McNeil

PS. To all my students who I have taught Shih Shui too, this is a very good time to start or continue your Shih Shui kung training. This special unique exercise will build up your inner strength and your immune system stronger than any other exercise in the world.  PLEASE  do it for yourself and your family.

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