Lost Taoist Wisdom of Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao Kung Fu – eBook



Lost Taoist Wisdom – Why did we call this book Lost Taoist Wisdom?  In the early 30s, a historian named Mr. Chai was very interested in the history of the any Taoist masters that lived and taught on and in the Yi Wu-Lu Mountains.  One of the monasteries that he investigated was the San Quin Taoist temple and its abbet, Lushan Daoren.  He found out that Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung was the next chosen successor to the Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system, but they only knew that he had gone to college and then the war.  As far as the abbot Lushan Daoren, he was last seen in early 1949 leaving the Yi Wu-lu mountain and the San Quin Taoist temple to another mountain because of the war.  The Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao System was lost as it has been written in many old Taoist kung fu and history books as no longer in existence.

Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung is the 33rd generation master of the oldest Taoist system known today.  The Little Nine Heaven system is based on the theory of merging of heaven and man to transform one’s disposition.  In practice, it is based on the Taoist arts of balancing yin and yang to relax the tendons and bones and to perform marrow washing for uniting the body, Ching Chi to Spirit. The Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system has an exclusive literature and is a rich inheritance passed down through the centuries by word of mouth.  Master James W. McNeil is the 34th Generation master.

The Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao system is a Chinese internal martial art that includes three aspects: bare-handed fighting (ju Kung or Nine Chamber Fist), sword fighting (Chiankuan jen) and a system for health and spiritual cultivation (Shih Shui Kung or bone marrow washing).   Little Nine Heaven has both characteristics of strengthening the body actively and passively in a manner of self-defense.

The Chinese wisdom tradition of Taoism traces its beginnings back five thousand years to our earliest human history.  Those women and men used their superb powers of observation and remarkable gifts of intuitive understanding to develop a profound awareness of the workings of the universe and how life functions.

Written by Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung. Translated by James W. McNeil.

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