Last of the Living Legends 2nd Edition – eBook


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Introduction from the book:

It is my hope that the stories and experiences recounted in this book will not only entertain but also offer insight, strength and comfort to those in need.

There are many things in this world and beyond that we still do not understand. I urge you to read this account with an open mind and full heart. Some of the things presented may seem impossible, unbelievable, or even ridiculous. However, these are the stories of my life as they happened, as I lived them. I have no reason to lie. I have always told my students not to lie to me and I would never lie to them. This is the credo I have lived by to the best of my ability. The stories of my Masters are written here as they were told to me. No matter how unbelievable they may sound, they are real.

I feel that everything in my life has happened for a reason and was pre-ordained. The foundation was laid years ago for my destiny to become reality. My journey began with a vision I had as a child in Webster Grove, Missouri circa 1948. One day while picking up my grandmother’s newspaper, I had a vision of a young boy breaking bricks. I did not know at the time that this vision would be linked to my destiny. Throughout childhood, from my home life to the schools I attended, all things brought me closer to the one true path. If ever I wavered from my purpose an incident would occur and it was the tragic death of my son set me solidly on the path of my life’s work, leading me to Kung fu and my first teacher. The seed was planted and my life began to blossom.

8 The Beginning
14 Joining the Kung Fu School
23 Black Belt Test
28 New Teacher (Ralph Shun)
42 New Teacher (Hsu Hong-Chi)
51 First Visit To Taiwan
58 Second Visit To Taiwan
60 Opening a New School
65 Dealing With Jealousy & Sadness
74 Learning Snake Medicine
82 A New Beginning in My Life
84 Meeting Three New Masters
86 Chen Tai-Chi Master (Pan Wing-Chou)
94 Tzu-Men Master (Chin Chi-Yin)
99 Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung
100 Feelings by the author
102 Last master Chiao Chang-Hung L9H kung fu
107 The Test
118 The Life & Exploits Of A Great Master
128 The Little Nine Heaven Sword
139 The impossible is hard to believe
147 The Six Chi Spirits
155 Ten Thousand Buddhist Temple
162 Teaching me and my wife different meditations
163 Death of Master Chiao Chang-Hung
171 Master Chiao teaching me
175 Special guest speaker in China
179 Seventeen animals of L9H by Master Chiao 182 Master Chiao doing 10 of Hsing-I animals
183 Hypnotherapy
186 Psychic Healing
191 Love for A Master
192 Master/Teachers
193 Knowledge
195 About the Author

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The books "Training with the Legendary Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung" and "Last of the Living Legends" were originally released separately. This 2nd edition of "Last of the Living Legends" brings both books together under one book for one complete story of James McNeil and the story of his Masters.

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