Advanced Iron Hand Training – Online Video


The Iron Fist Training Video describes the straight forward method of conditioning the hands using a direct method of training that traces back to the ancient Shaolin temples of China. Master James McNeil will guide you through with step-by-step explanations and demonstrations on how to toughen the hands without damaging or creating calluses on them. He’ll provide the proper position of the hands for striking a training bag for 100 days and with the use of special liniment on the hands you will be able to break bricks after the 100 days of training. This video shows the power you can build in your hands as Master McNeil demonstrates by breaking a stack of tiles that would be a record breaking challenge for any martial artist. This video is easy to follow and will provide you with the correct method for building strong hands without the worries of damaging them.

Instant Access.  This is a online only product.

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