New Books and Advanced Training in the Mountains – May Newsletter

New Books and Advanced Training in the Mountains – May Newsletter

To Students and Friends ,

We at Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao kung fu school have just finished two more books “The Complete Iron Hand Training Method” and Chinese Psychic Healing” and made some changes to the book “Training with the Legendary Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung.” These eBooks are now on our website at

The eight books I have published so far are about my experiences, training and teaching. I’m hoping that you the reader will enjoy and learn from them. In July, I will have the book written by Grandmaster Chiao Chang-Hung, “Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao.” It will be published in hardcover and later in the year I will have the books on TzuMen Chuang and Dragon Style Ba- Kua.

Almost everyone has a life that is interesting and they should write about it. So, I am writing about my life traveling and teaching in 27 different countries plus many cities in the United States. I have had to train hard to share the knowledge my masters have taught me and to keep their systems pure.

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Topics include:

  • Shih Shui
  • Jiugong
  • Sword with fighting applications
  • meditation
  • Advanced Iron Hand
  • sexual meditation
  • Sun & Moon meditation
  • meditating on The 3 Ones

Thank You


James McNeil



Sifu Jame W. McNeil

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