Keeping the Systems Pure for the Future

Keeping the Systems Pure for the Future

To my students and friends

We are getting closer to the holidays just a reminder to stay safe, healthy and happy. Next year we hope will be a better year for all of us than this one is.

We have had two seminars this year to help decide who will be the next L9H lineage holder (Gate Keeper). Also who will be qualified to teach the difference system we have. I want to make sure that our systems will stay pure forever.

I would like to remind each and every one of you that our new retreat center in Banning California will be accepting new and old students in the beginning of the year. Rooms, food and teaching will be for two weeks six hours a day. Any question please contact me. or text me at 949-636-1573. For pricing and the instructor.

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James McNeil



Sifu McNeil

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