Fate and Destiny – May Newsletter

Fate and Destiny – May Newsletter

I wanted to write this newsletter to talk about FATE and DESTINY. How many of you
believe in fate or destiny? I do and let me tell you why. I imagine many of you can
look back at a time in your life that something has happened to you in which you did
not understand at the time why it had occurred. However, months or years later, it
was revealed to you why that circumstance occurred. This is your fate and destiny.

It is almost summer here in beautiful Orange County California going to be in the high 80’s today.

Our nonprofit can use your help I know it is not the right time to be asking people to donate with the virus and no work.  Next month we are going to be calling and texting student for a small donation monthly directly into our bank or on our nonprofit website  www.littlenineheaveninc.org   The future of our Little Nine Heaven Association depends on everyone’s help.

Please download and read the May L9H newsletter here:

Thank you


James McNeil

Sifu McNeil

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